Hot Work Certificate or licence is needed when work produces sparks or requires open flame or other source of heat. Therefore work increases a risk of fire.

Examples of hot work are electric and gas welding, flame and cutting, abrasive cutting, metal grinding also works that require gas burner or hot-air blower.

When doing hot work, insurance company safety guidelines must be followed.

Hot work card is required from hot work operator and from the hot work permit issuer. What qualifications is required from Hot work guard will be stated in company Hot Work Plan.

When doing hot work in a temporary hot work site workers need valid hot work licence. Before starting hot work they also need written hot work permit issued by person appointed by hot work plan.

Hot Works needs to follow and meet safety guidelines. Check your insurance company guidelines.

Finnish Hot Work Certificate is valid for five years and it is also valid in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

Old Hot Work Licence so called “blue card”

Tulityökortti, Tulityokortti, Hot Work Licence

Hot Work trainings changed in 2016

Blue and black are old cards.

New card

Hot Work Certificate course

Participant needs to attend course all day.  Identity will be checked from appropriate identification document. Course will last eight hours.

The Hot Work course content

The course is a day-long and contains lessons, as well as protection and fire extinguishing exercise. The training includes the following topics:

1. Hot work safely
2. Responsibilities and obligations
3. Identifying the risks related to hot work
4. Safety measures in various operating environments
5. Action in emergency situation
6. Exercises (protection and fire extinguishing:
fire blanket and fire extinguisher)
7. What did I learn? – exam

Study book will be given to all participants.

Usually we have at least finnish, english, estonian and swedish books. If you would like to have some other language available – please contact and remember to mention your wish for language.


Finnish-language textbook for this course is called Ryhdyttäessä tulitöihin.

Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) Hot Work committee has confirmed the objectives of hot work program.

Exam papers are also available in other languages: english, estonian, swedish, russian, bulgarian, lithuanian, latvian, lithuanian, spanish, polish, romanian, german, arabian and finnish.

Thank you for group registration.

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