Finnish OHSA – Occupational Safety Card is developed especially for shared workplaces to improve workplace safety. We offer courses in Finland and abroad.

Because of Covid-19, courses also available online.

Occupational Safety Card Course objectives are:

  • to improve practical cooperation in shared workplaces between companies
  • support the  common guidance of  work in the workplace
  • give basic information about occupational safety and health
  • give basic knowledge how occupational safety can be organized in Finland
  • to reduce overlapping training by the various subscribers
  • raises interest and motivation in your personnel about safety skills in the workplace
  • to reduce work-related accidents, incidents and illnesses

Achieving Occupational Safety Card requires satisfactory completion of the course. The card is valid for five years.

Occupational Safety Card is voluntary, but a large number of Finnish companies require safety card from their workers and subcontractors and other co-operative companies.

Card is designed first and foremost for joint industrial workplaces, but it is also suitable and reguired in many lines of industry for example in construction industry, the public sector, shipyards and logistics etc.

Occupational Safety Card – Course outline

Course takes 8 hours and participants have to be on course all time. Participants have to proof their identity with appropriate identification document (ID) like a passport or a driver’s license.

Course program:
8.00                 Shared workplace
                        Shared safety
                        Lunch break
                        Safe work day in shared workplace
                        Operating in accident situation
15.30 – 16.00  Exam

Booklets are available in four different languages: English, Estonian, Swedish, Russian

Exam can be taken in the following languages: English, Estonian, Swedish, Russian other translations possible.

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