One important part of working safe is training. Trainings help to identify risks and assess risks. In trainings you learn safe technics and methods for working.

We can help you with fall protection and work at height trainings.

Trainings can be held in your premises or in our cooperation company premises. You should bring your own gear, please make sure you have document of implementation or periodical inspection.

Companies have different guidance how often they reguire employees to go to trainings, anyway more often you train better it is.

Employers responsibility is to do inspections and train employees to safe methods and how to use equipment employer has provided.

Our trainer has Irata Level 1 -qualification.

If you need help working at high, please do not hesitate to contact and let’s see how we can help you.

Irata is international rope access organization. More information about IRATA.

Thank you for group registration.

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