Have you or your worker lost  Hot Work card? Need to check if it is still valid?

Hot Work Certificate or Silver Card

Trainings after 1.1.2016

Tulityökortti – Hot Work Certificate – Certifikat för heta arbeten

Hot Work Licence or Blue Card

Trainings prior 2016 < 31.12.2015

Tulityökortti, Hot Work Licence

If you have participated to Finnish Hot Work training not later than five years ago we can check validity of your card and deliver it to you.

Lost card – check and delivery 40 € + vat. Reverse VAT if billed outside Finland in EU.

Please put required information to form and we will give you payment details. After payment, card (and if necessary, temporary certificate) will be delivered to you.

Thank you for group registration.

We will shortly contact you about next steps!


Validator Ltd